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SMC - Choose Wisely, Find A Quality Cable Assembly And Wire Harness Manufacturing Partner

Choose Wisely, Find A Quality Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturing Partner

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When it comes to selecting a wire harness or cable assembly, you are looking to increase the quality of your product and ease of assembly. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies make it easier to install complicated wire hookups. They also decrease the likelihood of failure by encasing the wires together in protective bundles that lessen heat or water damage and provide specific cable connections.  So make sure the manufacturer you work with is going to build for quality. Otherwise, it is all a wasted effort.

What To Look For in a Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturer

What range of products do they make? A manufacturer that produces a larger variety of wire harness and cable assemblies is more likely to have the experience needed to produce your product. It is simple logic, the more variety they’ve had, the more the experience they’ve had producing quality products in all shapes and sizes.  Alternately, some manufacturers may focus on a small, niche, market making them more appealing for your needs if they fit your niche. What you are really looking for is a manufacturer with the experience necessary to manufacture your product. If you do not partner with a specialized manufacturer, make sure they have the experience you need. In other words, you do not want your product to be the first of its kind they’ve made.

One of the best ways to gauge their experience and level of quality is to look for certifications they have in your industry. Many industries have industry-specific manufacturing certifications. If they are certified to manufacture in your industry, they have been certified to manufacture at the industry’s quality standards. Even for industries without industry-specific manufacturing certifications, there are broad level manufacturing certifications that you should look for including ISO 9001:2008.

Finally, check to see if they are a single point supplier. If they outsource their manufacturing, the quality between lots could vary significantly. When it comes to your cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing you, want one point shopping.

SMC’s Capabilities

SMC has been producing cable assemblies and wire harnesses since 1978. We have a broad range of product manufacturing capabilities. However, our focus is on lead wire harnesses, battery cables, and harnesses for construction trains and automobiles. Click here for a full list of our capabilities.  To ensure the highest quality in our products, SMC has a split our engineering teams into areas of focus.
•    product design
•    design for procurement
•    design for manufacturability
•    design for testing

By splitting these teams, each crucial step of design and production gets the attention it deserves to provide the highest quality for our customers. We are certified for medical, aerospace, transportation, automobiles, and large-scale construction equipment. To view our industry specific certifications, click here.

SMC is a proud cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer located in the heart of Kentucky. Our location makes it convenient for the technology manufacturing industries in the region to visit us, and also get quick response times and delivery for the products they need most.